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Run, do not walk. 

Speed if you must, slide through the yellow lights. Cancel plans with friends, or better yet, take them with you (and everyone else, you almost run over) to see the revival of KLUB (pronounced Kloob, impress your friends with the correct pronunciation, previously on stage in 1992), now playing at The Actor's Gang.  You don't have much time.  It runs though May 10, and must close then…so get on it!

Why so enthusiastic, you ask? You know you are in for a treat when in the opening minutes of a show you see an over- the- top, bleach blond woman (Evie Peck), with a super tight dress accentuating her gi-normous breasts and ass (overly padded to give the needed size), who after being told that her nose is crooked by a director she is trying to impress, pulls out an electric drill to perform her own on-the-spot surgery to correct the crooked cartilage situation.  After the quick and dirty operation, she turns with a blood splattered face and big grin toward the booth, seeking his approval.

Oh, and this is just one example of a cast full of characters to delight your dark palate.

Other exaggerated, outrageous, and fun folks found at KLUB:

A belligerent mime (Emilia Herman) who unsuccessfully attempts suicide repeatedly throughout the show. A middle aged, overly made up, red dress wearing, Little Orphan Annie (Beth Tapper) who runs around in her red wig throwing her jazz hands about, belting out a tune, trying to steal/stay in the spotlight.  There is a regurgitating man (Brian Allman) referred to as the "human acid tank" who can eat anything and vomit up celebrity perfume.  And it doesn't stop there… there is a haggard, cigarette smoking clown with a French accent (Mitch Watson), a couple of worn out homicidal vaudevillians (Michael Neimand, Joseph Grimm), a wanna-be Shakespearian actor only known for his time as Aqua boy on TV (Robert Shampain in my particular production), and Annie's mysterious sidekick who seems to live in a box (Hannah Chodos)… amongst others!

Why are they all gathered at KLUB, you ask? What the heck is this show about?!?

The surreal premise is simple. The cast of carnivalesque characters are all performers at KLUB, all trapped and forced to audition, competing against each other for the right to leave. Yes, leave (insert deep thought here!). The godlike (mostly unseen) director awards or takes away points at his whim.  The clown (also the playwright of this brilliant script) is the visible enforcer of the competition as well as a victim himself. All of this taking place in a world where the competition is doomed to repeat itself in perpetuity…with no one ever escaping.

KLUB is a farcical and disturbingly dark look at the acting profession.  Hilarious and grotesque. It doesn't just shock, but has deep meaning running throughout, if you so choose to indulge. A highly stylized piece where all involved are on board for a ride that is larger than life. There is no weak link amongst the actors or the production team. The writing is perfection; the direction (Michael Schlitt, who also plays the director in the show) is superb… certainly in his ability to bring everyone up to the heightened style and commitment, demanded by the script. The set (Francois-Pierre Couture, designer) only accentuates the surreal world, providing cluttered chaos for the actors to muddle through, easing the audience into chaos themselves. This show will transport you to a different but absurdly familiar realm…and make you giggle at the horror to boot! Don't miss this rare opportunity to see some absolutely amazing, avant-garde theatre in the city of angels.

Running through May 10th

The Actor's Gang

Ivy Substation

9070 Venice Blvd

Culver City, Ca  90232


Thursdays 8:00pm

Fridays:  8:00 pm

Saturdays:  8:00pm and 10:30 pm

Tickets:  up to $25, with discounts to be found everywhere!

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Dear Donna Marie –

... As an actor, I feel I am in a very weird point in my career. I cannot fit into a specific age range and I think it is starting to affect my ability to get work. I am used to playing early-30’s type characters, but now I am almost 42!
... I don’t really look 42 and I don’t really look 30 anymore, either.

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