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Tip of the Month

Time for some Spring cleaning!

Keep Your Profile Updated and make yourself more competitive starting today!


Start by updating your photos.  It is important to have photos that show the casting director what you look like now when walking in the door for the audition.  Keeping your head shots up- to-date allows you to market yourself properly.


Example #1:  If you get a called in with your submission photo having long hair, Casting Directors and their clients are expecting you to appear as you are in the photos. Submit photos with your current look.



Example #2: Outdated photos.   Have the most current photos available for submissions.




Example #3:  Major change in appearance / weight loss





Take a moment to review your resume.  It is all about making your resume work for you.  Take a little time to make any adjustments or updates to your resume that you have been meaning to make.  It could be that one role that you keep forgetting to add to your resume that could snag you that next job!


Keep it real.  It is always important to make yourself as competitive as possible, and one way to do that is to make sure you’re honest with yourself.   Make sure your skill set accurately represents your capabilities. It is not likely we are experts at everything!


Be seen before the audition.  Spring is a busy time for castings, make sure to add your skill clips, videos, and voice reels to your profile.  This allows casting directors to see you in action before the audition, and gives you the advantage. 



Ask Megan
by Megan Foley

I just spotted your Q/A's on LA Casting, what a neat idea! Thanks for your time and expertise. I was at a commercial audition the other day and I mixed up the lines. Is it ever okay to ask for another take? What about at a callback when there are producers in the room?

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Meet John Lacy
“Behind the Camera; Talking to a Session Operator”
by Patricia Tallman

John Lacy has been a commercial casting session operator for 7 years ... He also directed commercial advertising campaigns for ESPN, COMCAST, UPN (CW) and SUBWAY. John has been a working actor in Los Angeles for 20 years...

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   Tip of the Month

Keep your profile Fit.

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Dear Donna Marie –

... As an actor, I feel I am in a very weird point in my career. I cannot fit into a specific age range and I think it is starting to affect my ability to get work. I am used to playing early-30’s type characters, but now I am almost 42!
... I don’t really look 42 and I don’t really look 30 anymore, either.

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