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Inside the Industry Seminar
Tracy Weisert
Synopsis by Tracy Weisert

I think we are on a wonderful roll with our free Industry Guest Seminars this year! Personally, as a professional actor, I have learned a lot. With veteran casting director Lisa Pantone, my knowledge grew even more!

Lisa has always been one of the most actor-friendly CDs in Los Angeles. When I reviewed the tape of the event to write this article, I was struck by Lisa’s passion for her job as a casting director and for the actors she brings in. She also is a terrific acting coach! Her warmth, humor and serious approach to the work makes the learning sink in…while we have fun.

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Commercial Actors Should Never. . .
by L. Records

A multi-part series for the not-so-established actor hoping to improve their career

When I started working in the commercial world a handful of years ago, one of the first things I heard from commercial actors was that you have to be on time for theatrical auditions, but you can pretty much show up whenever is convenient to a commercial audition.  It's just a commercial, after all (!?).

Commercial actors should never assume that they can show up at a random time for their commercial audition.

In fact, there are countless reasons why showing up at the given time is important. In case you don't want to read my long-winded explanations, here's the short list:

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Act Smart! Good Tools for a Great Career
colleen wainwright
by colleen wainwright | the communicatrix

This month: Tooting your own horn effectively (Part 4)

This last installment in what has proven a popular (and, um, long) series covers the finer (and, in my experience, “funner”) aspects of proliferating across the digital (and real-world) universe.

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It's Not Easy Bein' Green

My name is Enci. I'm an actor. A green actor.

The environmentally conscious lifestyle is sometimes tough for an actor. The challenges of life in the city combined with the urgency and the erratic schedule of the acting profession makes it hard to slow down, plan ahead, hug a tree, write a haiku, save the world and still find time to explore my character, hit my mark and deliver my lines - all the while wearing high-heels and trying not to perspire.

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Ask Megan

... I have two kids I'm trying to get in the business. We live in the SF area and are doing lots of print work at this time. I would like to get them into soaps or on a Nickelodeon show.

What kind of advice would you have for me?

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Patricia Tallman

Patricia Tallman will return next month.


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... I went to an audition and so did my best friend. We were up for the same part. I guess you know what happened. My friend got the part and I didn’t. I got so jealous and upset and we got into a fight about it.

I haven’t talked to my friend for a couple of weeks now...

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