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Tip of the Month

Make your own website with Casting Networks' Website Builder! It's like a business card in space that is accessible to thousands and thousands.

Think of it as an article about you in a magazine on the web. What do you want the world to know about you?

With Casting Networks' Website Builder:

  • You choose your url.
  • Use photos and video already on your Casting Networks account.
  • Choose from several sleek and sophisticated website templates.
  • Ability to change and customize info on the website at any time.
  • Showcase your talents so that Casting Directors, Producers, and Directors can see the REAL, Unique you!
  • Hand out business cards, resumes and headshots with your personal website address.
  • Create a News page that lets your fans know what you are up to and where they can watch you perform.
  • The photo gallery can showcase your diverse looks.
  • Video and Audio clips exhibit your ability to act, dance, sing and more!
  • Create a bio to let your viewers know more about you and your background.
  • Stand out in a crowd – be one of the first to have a website powered by Casting Networks!

Log in and go to My Websites to create yours today!

Ask Megan

... I have two kids I'm trying to get in the business. We live in the SF area and are doing lots of print work at this time. I would like to get them into soaps or on a Nickelodeon show.

What kind of advice would you have for me?

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Patricia Tallman

Patricia Tallman will return next month.


   Tip of the Month

Make your own web site with Casting Networks' Website Builder!

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... I went to an audition and so did my best friend. We were up for the same part. I guess you know what happened. My friend got the part and I didn’t. I got so jealous and upset and we got into a fight about it.

I haven’t talked to my friend for a couple of weeks now...

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