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Ask Megan

Hello everyone!        

Wow!  Hopefully this slow and somewhat scary summer is almost over and we can all get back to more work!!!!  I don’t know about you, but I am bored to tears waiting for work to come in!!!  Yes, it happens to us, too - wondering when we will ever work again.   Have no fear, though.  Work is just around the corner! 

A lot of you seem to be frustrated about why you (or your kids) aren’t going out as much as you used to, or as much as you think you should.  Well, please know that you are not alone.  It has been an unusually slow summer (and summers are usually pretty slow), so don’t panic that you need a new agent, or that your agent is going to drop you, or that you need new headshots.  Just hang in there, keep your head down and stay focused on what you can control (attitude, classes, etc.).  Fall is almost here!

So let’s get to some letters…

Dear Megan,

I was wondering exactly how all this works?  My daughter is fairly new to all this.  When you submit for a photo shoot or anything else, do you just show up or is someone supposed to inform you of an audition time?  I’ve submitted to a few things and have never heard back from anyone. I was just wondering. -K.W.                     

Dear K.W.,

NO!  Please don’t ever just show up.  If you submit your photo to anything, someone will contact you if they want to see you.  It is unprofessional to just appear and expect to be seen. Don’t submit her for things she is not right for, either, just to get her face out there.  I’m not saying that you do, but that is a mistake many people make when they are getting started.  Do you have an agent or manager for your daughter yet?  I suggest you go that route because their submissions will hold a bit more credence and an agent can help guide you through the process.  Good luck and learn as much as you can about the business.  It will help you both.

Hello Megan! I've started reading your column in the Networker and thought you might be able to help me sort something out.... 

I want to write and produce some webisodes to put on YouTube. There's actually a contest ending this month that I want to enter, for which you submit your pilot or a trailer for a chance to win $10,000 and produce your series. The thing is, whether or not we win, I'm in SAG and I have no clue how that affects my ability to create a web series.  I don’t know if we will profit from it or not; I just want to create something and be acting!  I don't know what the SAG rules are for this sort of thing. What do I have to do to make sure I don't get in trouble? I'm also wondering what kind of releases are necessary for this sort of thing.  If we shoot at someone's house, an apartment or a mobile home, whose permission do you need to do that?  Do we have to contact the city, the apartment manager or just the resident?  I wish I didn't have to deal with all the behind-the-scenes stuff at all and just act.  It's all a little overwhelming to me, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Can you help me figure this out? Thank you! -K

Dear K,

What you want to do sounds like a lot of fun, but as you’re discovering, it’s a lot of work! Get hooked up with someone who wants to produce and that will solve a lot of your problems.  What you really need is a good producer.  As for all of the SAG rules, you are going to need to contact them.  Things change every day with all the new web projects that are now appearing. I do not know how SAG could possibly govern all the internet/YouTube stuff, but I am sure they will try.  Get in good with someone at SAG who works in the contracts department and have them help you out.  Good luck and let me know what happens.  I am curious myself.

Hi Megan!

I am an actress who booked a national almost 2 years ago with my agent.  I get a callback for practically every commercial that I audition for. Unfortunately, I have not been sent out on an audition in months! I don't know if it is because it has been "slow" or because my agents have lost faith in me. My commercial is still running, so I am wondering if they are holding on to me for that reason. Any advice?  Thank you for your time! -J

Dear J,

Hang in there.  It has been slow and I don’t know who your agent is or if something else is going on, but they probably have not given up on you.  Contact them and let them know that you are concerned and curious.  Be polite and professional, but don’t be apologetic for calling.  You should be able to talk to your agent easily.  What does concern me is that you are getting called back for everything, but you’re not booking anything.  It makes me think that something is happening in the callback that is hurting you.  Get into a class and let the instructor know what you are looking for.  Usually a good instructor can spot a problem pretty quickly and help you turn that around. Good luck!

Hi Megan,

Wow, I just wanted to thank you for what you wrote in August’s Networker. I am an actor who has been searching for a good agent for seven years. I have not yet found one. I keep hearing that they already have my type, but I have continued taking acting classes this whole time, submitted myself to agents and casting directors and for online roles. I have even taken new photos each year. I keep pushing through hard and have done everything right. What do I need to tell these agents to get called in JUST TO INTERVIEW!? Please let me know. Thank you. All the best, JD

Dear JD,

Get out there in front of them.  Don’t just do mailed submissions and keep the rest to chance.  Let agents see your work by attaching a reel or skill clips to your resume, and get involved in agent or casting director showcases.  Get yourself seen and let agents know that they may have your type already, but they don’t have YOU.  Keep studying, and if your pictures look like you, you do not have to do new headshots every year.  Good luck and keep your head high and your attitude positive.

Well, that does it for this month.  Keep the questions coming!  I always love to answer them.

Until October….


Megan Foley has been casting commercially  and theatrically for 20 years. She speaks around the country and  teaches a one day commercial intensive once a month with her husband and partner, Chuck Marra. For class info go to: and check out her cool new website!!

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Ask Megan

...When you submit for a photo shoot or anything else, do you just show up or is someone supposed to inform you of an audition time?  I've submitted to a few things and have never heard back from anyone...

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