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Inside the Industry Seminar

by Tracy Weisert

Our March 29, Casting Networks' Industry seminar was terrific because our guest speaker was casting director Renita, and she was marvelous!!!

As hostess of the free monthly seminars since its inception three years ago, I am proud of the diverse industry guest speakers with their outlooks, knowledge and candid sharing. All attendees leave knowing more about our industry… however, Renita raised the bar! High!

From the beginning of the seminar, Renita stated that, ”This process is in terms of having a lot of fun and being willing to have a day and a morning like you've never had before especially as an actor in LA. So would you guys all be willing to do that?" The packed room cheered and applauded in agreement.

Yes, Renita's seminar had some Q and A about the industry but as she said at the beginning, the theme of the day was "Gratitude." She told us about how she became a casting director and appreciated all of us in attendance. "By you being here today, you are contributing to my dream."


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Commercial Actors Should Never. . .
by L. Records

A multi part series for the not-so-established actor, hoping to improve their career.

Even in the age of online casting, commercial casting offices still spend a substantial amount of time on the phone. Nothing beats human to human interaction between agents and casting. Some of these relationships have been fostered for years. Sometimes a phone call is quicker, or the chance of getting a favorable response is better over the phone. Bottom line: the phone rings a lot in a commercial casting office. 

With this in mind, a disturbing trend has been in the making over the past several months. Actors have increasingly been calling casting offices directly, instead of going through their agents. So let me be clear…


Ok, never say never, so let's get the exceptions out of the way now.  When someone from a casting office has asked you, the actor, for a call or a call back, do it!  If you have submitted yourself on a job and you are asked to confirm, go ahead! Call if you are asked to. Don't if you aren't.


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Act Smart! Good Tools for a Great Career

by colleen wainwright | the communicatrix

This month: Tooting your own horn effectively (Part 1)


I’ve shilled for The Man both behind the camera (writing TV ads for roughly 10 years) and in front of it (acting in them for roughly 9 years). And since starting my own design and marketing business a few years ago (read: no-budget startup), I’ve learned to apply some basic principles of promotion to some free or inexpensive tools to take myself from “you’re who?” to #1 on Google for my business name and full name, and (of this writing) #6 on Google for my first name alone.

But enough about me. Here’s what I learned along the way, for you…


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By Joher Coleman

coleman_online will be returning next month.


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Ask Megan
by Megan Foley

I just spotted your Q/A's on LA Casting, what a neat idea! Thanks for your time and expertise. I was at a commercial audition the other day and I mixed up the lines. Is it ever okay to ask for another take? What about at a callback when there are producers in the room?

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Meet John Lacy
“Behind the Camera; Talking to a Session Operator”
by Patricia Tallman

John Lacy has been a commercial casting session operator for 7 years ... He also directed commercial advertising campaigns for ESPN, COMCAST, UPN (CW) and SUBWAY. John has been a working actor in Los Angeles for 20 years...

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   Tip of the Month

Keep your profile Fit.

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Dear Donna Marie –

... As an actor, I feel I am in a very weird point in my career. I cannot fit into a specific age range and I think it is starting to affect my ability to get work. I am used to playing early-30’s type characters, but now I am almost 42!
... I don’t really look 42 and I don’t really look 30 anymore, either.

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