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coleman_online: Good-bye and Hello

By: Joher Coleman

This month’s column is “Coleman_Online’s” third and final act on The Networker.

For me, it’s very bittersweet. Writing is a challenge; a solitary process that takes time and reworking. To be sure, it is a pleasure to behold once accomplished. But the process would be incomplete without the feedback I received from readers. During the past year and a half, your words have been deeply valued.

Looking back upon the pieces I have written for you, I recognize a belief that underlies all of them. My belief is that what truly enhances our work in creating fantasy is to be attentive and engaged in the real world around us. It’s a contrarian perspective. Some would argue that we need to learn how to “pretend” better. I respect this perspective and feel there is much more that we performers need; both personally and professionally. By examining what we feel, what we believe, and how we choose to live in the world, we are a fuller vessel. We, then, have more to pour into our characters, our relationships with those we work with, and how we relate to our own profession.

I see a second, related belief as well. I believe that life is a gift and that by limiting its scope to acting and the industry, we deny the immense richness of everything else.

This is a real stumbling block because, in a profession with no guarantees, we all need a safeguard. The safeguard is balance; ensuring that we have lived a full and vibrant life regardless of how our careers turn out. This is the grace and fulfillment available amidst disappointment. As usual, it’s this kind of dichotomy which makes life so remarkable and delicious…

Speaking of contrasts, this month’s column also announces a brand-new project that I have been working on for you. (No, I’m not going to let us part so quickly. You and I have a lot more ground to cover.) In this case, the media and format are getting a little more fancy-schmancy.

“In Session” is the new podcast from Casting Networks. Our format is a one-on-one interview with a respected guest from film, television or music. As the host, I will be talking to actors, casting directors, producers, writers, agents, managers, musicians, and anyone else who has something important to contribute to your knowledge-base and professional success.

“In Session” will be launched towards the end of the year as a monthly feature. Each installment will run 30-45 minutes. You can listen to it on your computer or download it onto any mp3 or ipod player. (If you do a lot of commuting to auditions and can plug your player into your car stereo, you’ll have something good to enjoy in traffic.)

We recorded our first installment last year as an initial exploration and already have a couple more in the can. I’m very excited for you to hear it. The show is fun, lively, and incredibly insightful. Keep your eyes peeled on your personal homepage as we release more details in the near future.

Before signing off, I want to thank you again for welcoming me into your monthly reading. It has been an honor to contribute to your journey through this column; you’ve certainly contributed to mine. I am glad that we are in touch and look forward to continuing our dialogue that began with “Coleman_Online”. Peace.



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I am an actor and I have been in LA for about 5 years. When I first got here, I started partying with people. Going out to clubs and drinking and partying all night. I even started to do drugs and I got really into them.

I was having a really good time, but I wasn’t really working as an actor too much. I had good friends. I thought. But then I started to get really more into the drinking and drugs and clubs and it got out of control.

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