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New: Add Your Video Audition Today!

In last month's issue of the Networker, Colleen Wainwright aka, the Communicatrix talked about proliferating your virtual self online and getting the best of your brand to the casting director. Two spring seasons have passed since Casting Networks introduced Skill Clips, allowing you, the talent, to exhibit your skills for roles that require them.


Now these video functions have advanced to the next level for Direct Cast users; independent casting directors can request video auditions for each role that requires a different skill. Theater casting directors particularly, take a liking to this because you can package your submission with a 1-minute prep monologue. In a few steps, the casting director will receive the audition video. With the new video audition request feature, you, the talent, can recite that David Mamet monologue or deliver a Cynthia Rothrock Kung-Fu kick from your home office (make sure you clear the room for the latter). All submissions with video attached automatically move to the top of the list of submissions. Your video attachment will give you seniority upon consideration for a part.





















You don't have to be a techie to upload your audition video. Most cell phones have built-in cameras. They record from 1.3 to 2.0 mega pixels nowadays. At your home office, find a makeshift prop to stabilize the phone and just press record. If you have a Mac, use your iChat capabilities to record your audition. Some actors plug their camcorders directly into their consoles and can record from there.

Independent casting directors get a lot of submissions. And they want something specific from you. Don't send 1-minute clips of your reel. If they ask you to download sides and read them, do it. They may only be able to view the 15 seconds of it. Blow them away in that given time. Stay miles ahead of your competition.

Think of the new video audition request as another way for you to promote yourself and your skill to the independent casting director. You're always in the driver’s seat when using this software. So when a casting director is looking for Jose Conseco look-a-likes to show off batting expertise, the others, less an audition video, are likely to strike out.

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Meet Cher Van Amburg

Cher Van Amburg is a commercial agent with the prestigious Innovative Artists Agency.

by Patricia Tallman

"I always knew that I wanted to end up in some facet of the entertainment industry and wasn’t exactly sure what it would be. I hadn’t been exposed to what an agent or commercial agent did. I interned at Jeopardy and at CBS."

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New: Add Your Video Audition Today!

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I am an actor and I have been in LA for about 5 years. When I first got here, I started partying with people. Going out to clubs and drinking and partying all night. I even started to do drugs and I got really into them.

I was having a really good time, but I wasn’t really working as an actor too much. I had good friends. I thought. But then I started to get really more into the drinking and drugs and clubs and it got out of control.

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